Credit Decisions International, Ltd.TM

Has specialized in commercial recovery since its founding in 1985

Has grown primarily by referral and provides excellent references

Centers its service on the personal efforts of a highly skilled team, each member, individually certified and averaging 20 years experience
Represents national and international corporations as well as small businesses in both domestic and international transactions
Becomes familiar with each client’s industry, product or service, policies and procedures
Accommodates clients’ technical needs, from sophisticated on-line integration to individual placements and personal communication
Ensures the security of a truly responsive and customized service  

CDI Professional Affiliations

Certified by the Commercial Law League of America, a member of the Commercial Collection Agency Association (View Certificate)
Certified by the International Association of Commercial Collectors    (View Certificate)
The first, still one of only seven US commercial collection agencies, accredited by the IACC
Collectors individually certified by the IACC (View Course Summation) 
Members of the Credit Research Foundation
Accredited by the Better Business Bureau. (View Rating)
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