Credit Decisions International offers full service contingent collection (no recovery/no fee), at Domestic Rates, for commercial accounts in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam and Canada . Every member of our team, individually accredited by the IACC, is trained in negotiation and skilled in orchestrating amicable resolutions. From prompt, personal contact with each debtor, to investigation, analysis and skip tracing, the CDI team provides one of the most highly effective and professional services in the industry - a thorough, efficient and intelligent approach to recovery.  

Beyond professional skill levels and state of the art resources lies the real foundation of trust: the character and dedication of each CDI staff member, the belief in personal communication and an individual commitment to service.  CDI has gathered and kept a true team. Each member responds immediately to questions, replies to messages and returns calls promptly. Each account is given the time and personal attention necessary to assess the situation, capture the balance due or advise the creditor of the practical options. In a world of call centers, numbers, codes and automated phone systems, that makes all the difference.    

Credit Decisions International has built a strong network of seasoned creditors rights attorneys, allowing a smooth transition to counsel, should legal representation in the debtor’s venue be necessary.  CDI remains at the client’s service, serving as advisor and liaison throughout the legal process. 

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