CDI works with its clients to share expertise gained over a quarter-century and blends the knowledge and experience from the many credit professionals with whom we interact every day.  Through a series of educational materials called “Quick References” we are able to share tips and techniques to help creditors achieve their goals.  We have presented webinars and seminars to companies and organizations and contributed to publications, all with one goal in mind…to make sure our clients have the best tools and most up-to-date information available.  


CDI has always been devoted to the continuing education of its staff, to cross training and the professional advancement of each team member. Developing reference materials and, through seminars and the certification process, instilling respect for the laws governing the collection function, CDI constantly gathers information on the issues impacting our industry.  CDI clients may access our credit library and documents (letters of intent, personal or cross corporate guarantees, promissory note, etc.) online, 24/7, through the Resource Center in our Client Portal.  


In addition to the documents and educational materials collected for its library, CDI regularly researches a credit and/or collection topic and makes the information available, as part of its “Quick Reference” series, to its clientele.  The subjects of the Quick References usually come, directly or indirectly, from CDI clients - a suggestion made, a question asked or a concern expressed over a specific situation.  CDI’s Quick References are free of charge, available 24/7 through the Client Portal and past issues are always available.


Customized to address a subject of particular interest to a creditor and tailored to the experience level of the credit staff, CDI’s webinars and seminars are developed to engage, motivate and educate. Creating an informal, interactive atmosphere, CDI brings a new perspective to the art of managing receivables. From the first notice and call to the intricacies of commercial litigation, each program is focused on the importance of everyone, regardless of title or job description, who comes in contact with a delinquent customer.

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