CDI has been involved in international recoveries for over two decades and applies the same standards established for domestic collection to its international program.  Understanding the creditor, the transaction and initiating personal communication are still the critical keys. But, with international accounts, there must also be a familiarity with the debtor’s country, economic environment, customs and culture.  As with domestic accounts, the CDI team is always available to discuss an individual situation, the difficulties encountered to date, the location and nature of the debt and the best possible avenue to recovery. Creditors entrusting international accounts to CDI are assured of an effort that is governed by their directives, focused on an amicable resolution and guided by the professionalism necessary to be effective in the global arena.

Credit Decisions International has established strong international alliances, a legal network of creditors rights attorneys around the world and offers creditors a dynamic, comprehensive and effective solution to international delinquency.

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