I am in awe of your ability to get money from this guy. He owes a ton of dough to four other big vendors and I cannot think he is doing much volume, but heís paying us and Iíll take it. Kudoís to CDI!

D.O. - Manufacturer

THANK YOU, LOU!! We had closed and walked away from this one over two years ago! We appreciate your office and counselís efforts to obtain a settlement over four years after we sent it to your office.

J.B. - Manufacturer

It is easy to see why you have been so successful for 25 years! 

J.D. - Distributor

I really appreciate working with CDI. Your professionalism, and patience with us throughout the process {liquidation of A/R  portfolio}, is appreciated.

M.L. - Secured Lender

Thank-You for letting us use your very respectful and strong standing professionalism. Merci! 

S.G. - Distributor

In the 18 years I have dealt with collection companies yours is the best. The emails with updates are super nice to have.  

B.R. - Manufacturer

I am so happy to be working with you and CDI. You are awesome! Thanks much for your help.

K.D. - Distributor

I have been using CDI exclusively as our collections company for over 10 years. I employed a handful of collection agencies prior to meeting Lou and none have ever proven the results that his company has. Lou has put together a team of professionals second to none in the collection field. CDI's staff is professional, proficient, aggressive, result oriented. I have had many discussions with my peers at other companies across the board regarding accounts receivable and collection; we all have agreed that there is no other collection agency to consider. A collection company bares the face of the company they collect from and Lou 's team represents pure professionalism.

M.M. - Manufacturer



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